Sunday, April 12, 2009


I was out on a show in Northern California and we turned around and saw these four deer like 5 feet away from us and they didn't get scared at all.

New Hair! New Friends

This is my friend jen I fixed her hair!! We went dancing it was so much fun!

Me and Jen getting ready to go dancing, I started wearing my bangs down front so its like having new haircut for free!

Fantasy Festival XXIII

Here are a few pictures of my new show... this is me as the chief of the pixie police!

This is my New York style Pixie Cab Driver!!
Yes, this is the third animal I have played in three months... I am a Triceratops

This is Julie and in "Lost & Clueless"

Backstage silliness before the show!!

Food Time!!

This is our silly friend Asher, his sister was an intern for a couple of months... they are from New Zealand. He was enjoying a late night cheeseburger!!

Yummy Strawberry Shortcakes I made for my roomates (and me :))
Side view of my treats!!

Spring is here!!!

Just a few pictures of my beautiful spring flowers! These just started blooming outside in our front yard by the gate. A little spring miracle!!!