Sunday, October 11, 2009

QUICK update

HI there, just a quick update. I have been really busy at work latley because we have been supporting another troupe on the weekends, but this saturday was our last show with them until after Feb. so I will be geting back to a regular Monday- Friday schedule. Aslo I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to my parents and my Grandpa & Grandma Hatch for helping me find ways to make it home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. God is so good, and everything worked out so I am booked on flights for both! I will be coming home on wed. night before thanksgiving and leaving on sunday, and for Christmas I will arrive Christams eve morning and stay through the New Year!!!! It is such a comfort and blessing to know I will be spending the holiday close to my family. Also my best friend Kim is expecting a new baby boy in early december so I will get to meet him too!!!! I hope to post some pictures of my new troupe next week, but just wanted a quick update for now!

P.S Please keep my second family, The Hollis family (Mary, Cory & Katie) in your prayers this week. Mary Jane's father passed away yesterday. Please lift the up in prayer for guidance and comfort. THANK YOU