Saturday, February 14, 2009

Swiss Family Robinson

Here are a view pictures of me in my many costumes from "Swiss Family" I am on the running crew, then I also play a tiger, monkey, and a pirate! I have also included a few set pictures, which I helped build and paint.

NO MAP! This is my face right before i run for my life and get shot@!

ARRGGGGHHH!! Scary Pirate Tracy

This is me, just monkeying around! The kids get a real kick out of the monkeys who throw coconuts at the mean pirates!

ROAR!!! Here is me in my full body tiger suit. Everyone gets a kick out of seeing me sitting on the couch in the green room texting on my phone in full tiger get-up!

Side view of the tree house pieces, they are platforms covered in burlap to look like trunks and then painted and shaded.

Front view of the treehouse, I scumbled the back wall with another girl and then we stapled foliage on the back wall to give it some depth. I get to climb up there three or four times a day to reset props.

Side view of the Pirate ship, it doubles as the Family's boat. It is made out of three pieces which break apart onstage in the storm scene.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

B Street Inerns!

Just a few photos so far of the other interns here, but there will be more to come!

Just some of the female interns being silly at the opening night reception for "Mending Fences" Pictured (starting with far left) Abbey (my roomate) Amanda (from Flordia) Julie (in the purple scarf, did professioanl improv) Stephanie (from Sacramento but did actor training in New York) Jen (also from Flordia) and ME!!

Stephanie and Jennifer at the bowling alley waiting to get a lane... Jennifer is also a roomate of mine and she would kill me if she knew i put this picture up because the flash made her squint, but I think its funny!

Just goofing off at the bowling alley.. The guy is Michael Baugh he is also from Flordia, and on the bottom row is Sara (from Sacramento) Jen again and Kristina (Kristaina is my third and final roomate)

This is Kat, she and I stared the same day so we bonded instanly... however she only stayed three and a half weeks because she had to go back to college... she goes to school in Virgina and knows Peppy and a classmate of mine! small world

Just a nice shot of us at the opening night party... it is the one day the interns get to look like normal people so don't let this fool you... we are normally in blacks or shop clothes!

My House!!

I had a hard time getting my room into one picture becaue it is very large, and has a funny layout but the doorway you see is the entrance from the hall. Also I found some great throw pillows in the prop shop at the theater that I borrowed for my bed so it looks a little cuter now!
This is the extra bed next to mine, I turned it like a day bed so i could have seating for friends who come over, but have sheets on it so I can have company stay... hint hint come and visit! The room was so bad before i got there i bought the curtains, comforter, throw blanket, throw pillows and candles you see in the picture to try and decorate a bit... the painting however was in the room already and I liked it. Also i bought a wall picture frame to hang between those two windows so if you have a 4x6 picture of us send it to me!!

Side view of my house, that is my roomate Abbey's car. She lets me borrow it to go grocery shopping or rent movies from Blockbuster (yes i live an exciting life!) The white picket fence was my favorite part when i moved in, but when you get up close it is plastic... but hey they tried!

Front view of the house from the side walk... the top two windows are to our bathroom, we only have one but it has not been a problem yet!

Another corner view of the house youcan't see my room from here, but Abbey's room is where the two upstairs windows are and my room is across the hall from hers. You might also be able to tell we have a basement , which is everything you ever imagined a basement would be, and by that i mean really creepy! But it has a washer dryer so we don't have to pay to do laundry which is nice.

I know I posting alot at once but I have to post while I have the chance. For everyone who doesn't know my new address is 501 22nd Street Sacramento, CA 95816 if you ever want to drop me a line. I will do my very best to write you back, I went to Rite Aid and bought a bunch of card, but just got stamps yesterday so if you sent me something already be one the look out for a thank you card!

Going Away Party

Sorry it has taken me so long to post anything, but most of my free time is spent sleeping, or grocery shopping or cleaning! I wanted to start by posting a few pictures from the wonderful party that my sister threw for me and my mom and drew at the Columbus Country Club. I want to say thank you to everyone who came, family and friends alike. It meant so much to all of us to spend special time with loved ones at the holiday! I miss you all very much :)

Don't I have the two most beautiful nieces you have ever seen!!! I keep this picture on the background of my computer so i can see their pretty faces even when I am far away
Sorry Holli but you had your eyes closed in both versions of this picture on my camera, but it makes me happy to think of all of us together

MOM & DAD... looking pretty fab for fifty years olds!!! (and a fifty plus year old... daddy! ;)

Lesley and Lexi my beautiful April birthdays!! Something special about people born in "A" months!!!

Drew's Birthday cake, Samantha did an amazing job, very profressioanl looking!!

Last but not least, the BEAUTIFUL cake Samantha made for me. It tased as good as it looked, yummy!! or as Maydson would say, "so yummy so yummy there's a party in my tummy!"