Sunday, November 1, 2009

Work photos

Just a few pictures on the road, and of my co-workers!

Here are the women of SECRETS backstage, this morning we had to be at work at 5:00 a.m. and then it was really cold backstage so we used the body warmth technique to try and stay warm!
Here my troupe after loading our set into our truck we are on the lift gate riding down. Far left is Tony, our road manager, then Karina, Jamie(my Oakland bestie!) and then me and then Huan, he is super smart and appling to med school right now!

This photo is small, but we have a big company. We took this year's all compnay photo on friday and it turned out great. The lady in the center with the curly hair is Regina, our program director, she has been supporting ETP for 20 years since the start of the program and she is very dedicating to keeping our shows the very best!


I was not with these two on halloween, but I had to put this picture on here becaue I have the two cutest nieces EVER!! Wish I could have been there in person to see them trick-or-treating!

Instead I was in San Fransisco with these silly people! LOL This is my friend from work Sam and a freind from college who happened to be in California visisting. It was great to see her and reconnect with someone from home. I can not wait until Thanksgiving!!!
I decided to go as Betty Crocker, mostly because I didn't have to really buy anything. I was the most clothed person in the entire city... realy eye opener LOL

Sunday, October 11, 2009

QUICK update

HI there, just a quick update. I have been really busy at work latley because we have been supporting another troupe on the weekends, but this saturday was our last show with them until after Feb. so I will be geting back to a regular Monday- Friday schedule. Aslo I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to my parents and my Grandpa & Grandma Hatch for helping me find ways to make it home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. God is so good, and everything worked out so I am booked on flights for both! I will be coming home on wed. night before thanksgiving and leaving on sunday, and for Christmas I will arrive Christams eve morning and stay through the New Year!!!! It is such a comfort and blessing to know I will be spending the holiday close to my family. Also my best friend Kim is expecting a new baby boy in early december so I will get to meet him too!!!! I hope to post some pictures of my new troupe next week, but just wanted a quick update for now!

P.S Please keep my second family, The Hollis family (Mary, Cory & Katie) in your prayers this week. Mary Jane's father passed away yesterday. Please lift the up in prayer for guidance and comfort. THANK YOU

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Here are some of the great things I bought to decorate my house. I love ROSS! I got everything at great prices. I plan to start painting next weekend! I am very excited

This is my soap dispenser in my bathroom. You will see further down that my kitchen is themed in the same style but different colors. When I paint the walls will be a Pyramid Gold to match the yellow in this piece and my hand decorative hand towels already match the green perfectly. In addition Cory painted my a beautiful canvas with the great blue teal color so I am going to put it in there!
One of my built in bookcase. The tissue case is new along with the picture frames and the fake plant (I can't keep a real one lol) The baskets were given to me by my Grandma Hatch and fit perfectly. These will be tweeked once I get them painted and figure out exactly how I want to arrange things

I bought these bamboo vases at walmart and the fillings at Ross then arranged them. you can see the other side of my built in including a great scroll candle holder, I just need to get some flat round candles for it.

General picture of the built ins. I plan on changing the mirroe and moving the TV when I figure out the furniture.

This is the beautiful new area rug I got for my living room. It really defines the space and makes a huge difference & it was only $40!! It is so soft and plush I LOVE IT!

New bamboo side table in its temporary home. Once I paint and straighten out the living room furniture I will move it in there.

Cannot tell you guys enough how much I love these plates. They are a thick ceramic that looks hand painted in these amazing colors. I got two large and two small plates, now I have to find a wall plate rack because I am going to hang them in my kitchen. I also bought the accessories below. The entire set was less them $25 dollars!

To match my plates! This style goes great with my awesome tile floor!

House Warming

Here are a few pictures from my house warming party
This is me and Karina, she is in my troupe Secrets!

Here we have Carina and Karina... yes and they are only2 of the 3 girls named Karina at work and we also have a Katrina... yes it gets confusing! LOL

Me and Sam, he is a new employee too but he is in The Best ME! He and I have been going to church with another Coworker.

Some of the food I put out.. you know its not a party with out ranch dip and veggies!

Beautiful Flowers I got as a House warming gift. Thanks Charisse!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, God is good! I am going to be an aunt again, but this time it is Allison and Lee who are blessed with a child! Their first :) I am so proud of their faithfullness and patience as they have waited over a year for God's timing. They are true examples of how God rewards our faith and allows everything to happen in his perfect timing. I am blessed to call them my family and can not wait until April 22nd to meet my new niece or nephew (I am hoping for a nephew:) but will be pleased with either! ) All for now...

Monday, August 24, 2009


Hi all, I am so sorry I have not updated. I will try to do better. I have a camera now, thanks to my sister and will have more time now that I am no longer an intern! I also hope to post some pictures of stuff I haven't gotten around to yet... like Lake Tahoe and visits from Cory and Chad, and Lanie.

SO, my new job is PERFECT! I love every day I go to work which is a huge plus. I am still in the honeymoon phase now since we haven't started touring yet but I like being on the road, and I look forward to seeing all of northern California b/c it is truly beautiful here. I can walk like five ten minutes from my house and be right on the shore of the Bay. I can look out and see Alcatraz and the water is so nice and there is always a breeze... it never gets too hot.

Also, I have made several new friends at work, and all the members of my troupe are great. Also, yesterday a Friend from work took me and another new employee to church with him and I really enjoyed it. It is a small non-denominational church and the worship was contemporary and the pastor very approachable.

In, general I am very happy here. Except for the fact that I miss my family so much. BUT on the brightside I get a week of PTO for thanksgiving and the whole week after christmas so I will be home for sure!!!

Promise to update later this week with more!

Love Tracy

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Man has it been almost a month since I updated??? Funny thing is I am always bugging Holli to keep updating hers with pictures and videos of my sweet nieces, but I never remember to update mine! lol Well my camera is either lost or stolen so I don't have any new pictures, but for those who haven't heard I will be starting a new job in August. I will be moving to Oakland, CA to join Kaiser Permanente's Educatioanl Theater Programs as a Performer/Educator. If you want to know more about this amazing organization check out the website at I am thrilled to be starting a new chapter in my life, with my first "real" job post graduation. I just wish it were closer to home :( Love and miss you all!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I was out on a show in Northern California and we turned around and saw these four deer like 5 feet away from us and they didn't get scared at all.

New Hair! New Friends

This is my friend jen I fixed her hair!! We went dancing it was so much fun!

Me and Jen getting ready to go dancing, I started wearing my bangs down front so its like having new haircut for free!

Fantasy Festival XXIII

Here are a few pictures of my new show... this is me as the chief of the pixie police!

This is my New York style Pixie Cab Driver!!
Yes, this is the third animal I have played in three months... I am a Triceratops

This is Julie and in "Lost & Clueless"

Backstage silliness before the show!!

Food Time!!

This is our silly friend Asher, his sister was an intern for a couple of months... they are from New Zealand. He was enjoying a late night cheeseburger!!

Yummy Strawberry Shortcakes I made for my roomates (and me :))
Side view of my treats!!

Spring is here!!!

Just a few pictures of my beautiful spring flowers! These just started blooming outside in our front yard by the gate. A little spring miracle!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Day off.... FINALLY!!

Barrels in winery... this was not included on our tour but no one was looking and i snuck over and took a picture... never underestimate the sneakiness :)
Front view of Rubicon Estates

Sign at the front drive

Picnicing on someone else's pond!!! (but we cleaned up after ourselves... I made sure of that!)

Fun Wine Country sign!!

After working three straight weeks without an entire day off, we decided to make our first day off a fun one. So, we loaded up a picinic basket and headed to Napa!!! It was so beautiful. The weather could not have been more perfect... clear skies about 75 degrees with a breeze. We drove around for an hour just looking, then we went off a side road (most likely on someone's private property... oopps) and found a place in a vineyard with a pond to picnic (wiht groceries we bought on our foood stamps... oh the irony) then we went to Rubicon Estates (Francis Ford Coppalla's winery) and did a tour of the estate, wine tasting, and visited the museum. I only did a three glass taster because I drove home (always the D.D.... some things never change :) ) However the whites I sampled were from the line Francis gave to his daughter as a weeding present.... I bought a bottle of the Rose they were great light and sweet wines. I have included a few pictures below but i have lots more! If anyone wants to visit me... I would love to go back and ride the Wine train next time!!!!

Geaux Tigers!!

Ok, so on the last day with my tiger suit i had to take pictures... and i just couldn't help myself!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Day in the Life...

My mom has been asking me to post something about my day to day routine so, here is a basic run down. However, all this will be changing next week as I am in rehearsals for a new touring show for young audiences. But for now.... I wake up get ready and walk to work arriving there at 8:15 a.m. I do preshow duties (reset props, sweep and mop stage, ect.) then go to the dressing room and get into costume to do two performances of "The Swiss Family Robinson" on week days the shows are at 9:30 and 11:30. Then I do post show duties and eat lunch quickly. For the next several hours we are assigned various tasks around the theater, including cleaning, running errands, working bar/concessions for shows, and painting or working in the shop. On Tuesdays after the 6:30 mainstage show we havea free improv performance after which we are usually dimissed lately it has been around 9:00- 9:30 because the show is shorter right now. On wednesdays we perform monolouges instead of improv, but we go home around the same time. Thursday through Sat. the shows are later so we don't do any performances after. Saturdays are our latest night b/c we have a show that starts at 9:00 p.m. so we usually get off around 11:00 p.m. Also on the weekends we come in at 9:00 a.m. instead of 8:00 b/c we have class in the mornings and show in the afternoon. On saturdays we do improv class and then go do Swiss Family at 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and then wprk mainstage afterwards. On sundays we have acting class and then two Swiss shows, but no mainstage show so it is usually an earlier night. That is unless we have strike... which we will have this sunday because Swiss is closing.... this means we will be working late.... very late. Good news for me is that I will get dismissed a little earlier than everyone else because once I begin touring I don't get mondays off anymore so we get released earlier. That is the basic run down of my days here. we try to get out sometimes... las tweek we went bowling, I scored 135 ! Anyways I am going to head to bed, but i will try and post again sooner!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Swiss Family Robinson

Here are a view pictures of me in my many costumes from "Swiss Family" I am on the running crew, then I also play a tiger, monkey, and a pirate! I have also included a few set pictures, which I helped build and paint.

NO MAP! This is my face right before i run for my life and get shot@!

ARRGGGGHHH!! Scary Pirate Tracy

This is me, just monkeying around! The kids get a real kick out of the monkeys who throw coconuts at the mean pirates!

ROAR!!! Here is me in my full body tiger suit. Everyone gets a kick out of seeing me sitting on the couch in the green room texting on my phone in full tiger get-up!

Side view of the tree house pieces, they are platforms covered in burlap to look like trunks and then painted and shaded.

Front view of the treehouse, I scumbled the back wall with another girl and then we stapled foliage on the back wall to give it some depth. I get to climb up there three or four times a day to reset props.

Side view of the Pirate ship, it doubles as the Family's boat. It is made out of three pieces which break apart onstage in the storm scene.