Sunday, September 6, 2009


Here are some of the great things I bought to decorate my house. I love ROSS! I got everything at great prices. I plan to start painting next weekend! I am very excited

This is my soap dispenser in my bathroom. You will see further down that my kitchen is themed in the same style but different colors. When I paint the walls will be a Pyramid Gold to match the yellow in this piece and my hand decorative hand towels already match the green perfectly. In addition Cory painted my a beautiful canvas with the great blue teal color so I am going to put it in there!
One of my built in bookcase. The tissue case is new along with the picture frames and the fake plant (I can't keep a real one lol) The baskets were given to me by my Grandma Hatch and fit perfectly. These will be tweeked once I get them painted and figure out exactly how I want to arrange things

I bought these bamboo vases at walmart and the fillings at Ross then arranged them. you can see the other side of my built in including a great scroll candle holder, I just need to get some flat round candles for it.

General picture of the built ins. I plan on changing the mirroe and moving the TV when I figure out the furniture.

This is the beautiful new area rug I got for my living room. It really defines the space and makes a huge difference & it was only $40!! It is so soft and plush I LOVE IT!

New bamboo side table in its temporary home. Once I paint and straighten out the living room furniture I will move it in there.

Cannot tell you guys enough how much I love these plates. They are a thick ceramic that looks hand painted in these amazing colors. I got two large and two small plates, now I have to find a wall plate rack because I am going to hang them in my kitchen. I also bought the accessories below. The entire set was less them $25 dollars!

To match my plates! This style goes great with my awesome tile floor!

House Warming

Here are a few pictures from my house warming party
This is me and Karina, she is in my troupe Secrets!

Here we have Carina and Karina... yes and they are only2 of the 3 girls named Karina at work and we also have a Katrina... yes it gets confusing! LOL

Me and Sam, he is a new employee too but he is in The Best ME! He and I have been going to church with another Coworker.

Some of the food I put out.. you know its not a party with out ranch dip and veggies!

Beautiful Flowers I got as a House warming gift. Thanks Charisse!!