Sunday, February 21, 2010

America College Theater Festival Region 7

So, I have been wanting to get into public speaking as a possible side job. I have been interested in this for a while and after asking several people in the business they said to just start speaking for free anywhere that I could. As a result I applied to present a workshop at ACTF, which is a regional theater competition sponsored by the Kennedy Center. I was very excited to find out my workshop was accepted and so I ventured to Reno, NV with my friend Besty to present a workshop entitled, "Being Recession Ready: A Graduate's Guide to Creative Job Hunting" In general I wanted to present a workshop based on my experiences as a recent graduate on how to get a job in such an unstable job market. I will be posting some pictures and video from the trip later this week, but in general it went VERY well. I could not have been more pleased. I had almost 50 people attend. I was very surprised at the turnout b/c it was the first workshop on the first day of the conference and it was at 9:00 a.m. ( and these are college students we are talking about LOL) so you can imagine my surprise when the room only had 10 empty seats :) Also there was a representative from Actor's Equity who attended my workshop b/c he was intrigued and he stayed after to tell me he thought i did a good job, and gave a lot of relevant information in just an hour then he gave me his card and said to stay in touch!! It was AWESOME!!! Anyways that is about it, but I will post pictures soon!!

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